A Fresh Approach to Fundraising Strategy

doxa's approach is different

Non-profits should be sustainable and efficient to make the most impact on their mission. Doxa helps develop new and grow fading non-profits with strategic planning and experienced project management based around building relationships with your network of donors. "Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving." - Henry Rosso

our services

Non Profit Consulting

Become a successful organization.


We work with non-profits that are just starting out or have been going for a few years and need a shake up to get to the next level. It is crucial to make sure the systems and processes are set up properly for the long-term health of the organization. We focus on not just today, but also tomorrow.

We assist with:  Donor Development • Fundraising • Strategic Planning • Board Development

Event Management

Take event management off your plate.


We know events can be time consuming and the secret recipe to a great event is in the details. Let us take over the event for you so your staff can be free to do what they were hired for. We assist with the strategy, planning, and execution of events. Also, with the number of events we plan each year, we have special relationships with vendors to help our clients save money.

Major Gift Advising

Make your major gift go further.


For those who donate $100,000 or more a year, we partner with you to ensure your gift is making the biggest impact and is used for the reason it was given. Stewardship and accountability are our two main focal points in major gifts. Unlike in the for-profit space, the dollar does not necessarily create accountability for organizations that are not running efficiently due to a lack of research and follow up from donors. Let us partner with you to do the research, facilitate the gift, and then stay engaged with the recipients long after the gift has been given to ensure there is accountability for the non-profit and there is proper stewardship for the giver. With our expertise in the non-profit space, we know what questions to ask and how to determine whether or not a non-profit is using your major gift in a way that enhances their mission and your impact.

our team

Mark Bentley, CEO

Mark is the founder and CEO of DOXA Planning. He started DOXA with the intention of glorifying God through helping non-profits become more efficient and thus making their donor’s dollars go farther. He is passionate about golf, dogs, and eating at great restaurants. His goal is to leave a legacy that is honoring to Christ and impactful in the community he lives in.

Karin Drum, Executive Assistant

Karin joined the DOXA Planning team in January 2017. She has a Bachelor Degree in Sociology from Samford University and a Master of Arts Degree in Ethics, Theology and Culture from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Karin has experience working with various non-profit organizations all over the Southeast. Her family even founded a successful non-profit and she received first-hand knowledge of the triumphs and challenges that non-profits experience. Karin is passionate about equipping organizations with necessary processes, procedures, and event planning strategies to be successful in assisting their clients and ultimately glorifying God.

our process


We work together to assess your needs for development or event planning.


We create a plan utilizing your strengths + existing network.


Our administrative team works with you to execute the plan.

Follow Up

We follow up after events and throughout the execution of the development.


How do you operate?

We operate on a per project basis or on a monthly retainer. We tailor our service to be the most cost efficient for each client and their needs.

Do you bring new donors?

Yes and no. We work within your network executing strategies to reach new donors but do not bring our own personal relationships to the table.

Do you work out of town?

Yes we work all over the country.

What do you mean by development?

We define development as the process of growth and maturing as an organization.

What does DOXA mean?

DOXA is the greek word referenced in the bible as God’s glory.

How do I get started?

Reach out to us and we will be happy to give a free consultation, share some of our practices and strategies, and let you know if DOXA can help you reach your goals. We never take on a client that we do not fully believe in their cause and that we an achieve the success they are looking for. We are honest and up front - so it doesn’t hurt to ask!